RACSO Fine Arts

Oscar Villamil proudly introduces RACSO Fine Arts, an art purveyor of unique artwork by contemporary Latin American artists.  RACSO focuses on the works by Colombian-born artist Orlando Agudelo-Botero, Dutch-Colombian photographer Gertjan Bartelsman, Colombian artists Marialucia Diaz, Pedro Ruiz and Miguel Antonio Horn, a Philadelphia-based artist and sculptor. RACSO enjoys the privilege of having access to the largest and most varied contemporary art inventory of these prominent artists.  

Orlando Agudelo-Botero  

We offer Orlando Agudelo-Botero’s original artwork on canvas and multiple editions on hand-made paper.  Orlando’s “artistic meditations,” frequently refer to personal growth, the importance of education, concern for family and his search for an understanding of a higher power.  Orlando was the recipient of the White House Hispanic Heritage Award for the Visual Arts in 1988, an acknowledgement not only of his artistic abilities, but also of his genuine views of his Latin-American soul.

Gertjan Bartelsman

Gertjan Bartelsman’s newest photography series is a collection of black and white photographs of “Reflections of a Metropolis.” This collection is the result of Gertjan’s vast experience as a photo journalist and his newly found artistic freedom.  Gertjan’s still images retain the “in-motion” character of his emotional perception of the moment viewed through a precisely controlled lens.

Marialucia Diaz

Marialucia Diaz has developed a very unique language through Plastic Arts expressed by her comprehensive approach to art intertwining techniques, academics and emotions.  Marialucia’s artistic voice is clear in her latest collection where visual poems of tensile chords support a collection of floating pieces of textiles in a visual cadence.

Miguel Antonio Horn

Miguel Antonio Horn’s art leads to unchartered emotional connections with his audience.  He creates original bronze sculptures as well as acrylic sculptures of the human form.  Transformed by the nobility and honesty of his hands and his use of raw materials, Miguel is a leader in the exploration of art processes and the creation of new art forms.

Pedro Ruiz

Pedro Ruiz’s masterful artwork is inspired by Colombia’s magnificent nature, its cultural diversity and the country’s evolving social and political issues. In his search for a true artistic voice Pedro has developed three poignant art series filled with colorful textured details uniquely characteristic of his brush strokes.  His latest collection “ORO Spirit and Nature of a Territory” is conceived as an “Installation” for his audience to directly magnify the beauty of his subject matters.

RACSO Fine Arts has representatives in Philadelphia, PA in the United States, and in Bogota and Medellín in Colombia.