Marialucia Diaz

Marialucia Diaz is a prominent and promising Colombian contemporary artist focusing in the discipline of (Visual) Plastic Arts.  With a very uniquely varied educational trajectory, Marialucia has been able to develop an equally unique process and product that combines her technical skills, intellectual knowledge and humanistic philosophy - a combination of elements that translates into playful weaves of creativity, imagination, craftsmanship and spirituality.

During Marialucia's years in New York, NY, her educational training ranged from performance theater at the Strasberg Institute, through fashion and interior design at the Fashion Institute of Technology.  These experiences motivated Marialucia to pursue further formal educational training in pursuit of her own artistic expression and style.  At SCAD in Atlanta and Savannah, GA Marialucia learned about sculpture and jewelry design, leading her to the culmination of her educational training by earning a degree in Education from Rice University.

Through Plastic Arts Marialucia has developed a very unique language expressing her comprehensive approach to art intertwining techniques, academics and emotions.  Marialucia's work juxtaposes the tangible precision of physical structures and the fragile vulnerability of philosophical existentialism - a voice clearly heard through her latest collection of tensile chords carefully planned to support daring subtle pieces of textiles dancing and floating to create volumetric patterns of familiar images in our daily lives.


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