Gertjan Bartelsman

Gertjan Bartelsman is a Dutch photographer living in Colombia since 1951. He initiated his career as a photographer during the 1970’s at different advertising agencies, showcasing his work as a graphic reporter for important Colombian magazines. At the same time, he began his artistic career participating in five Colombian full length films and exhibitions around the world including two biennales in Venice, Italy and three Latin American symposiums in Mexico.

Fascinated by the world around him and the desire to capture still moments to reflect an era, Gertjan developed his career as an artist merging different cultures to be able to offer visual dialogs of how others live and entertain themselves. His most recent collection “Reflejos de una METROpoli” (Reflections of a METROpolis) is a personal interpretation of still images that retain the “in-motion” character of his emotional perception of the moment.

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