Orlando AB

Orlando Agudelo-Botero’s journey began in the small town of Anserma Viejo, Caldas nestled in the lush Andes Mountains of Colombia, South America.  At an early age Orlando began to express his innate instinct for color and form that would eventually find its way from his creative mind to the paintbrush.

“My work is a vehicle for my own self-examination,” says Orlando. “I struggle in each and every piece to discover something about humanity and to attempt to communicate it.”  “The first lines or brush strokes of my artwork are important,” says the painter.  “They are spontaneous, authentic and an extension of my inner being and my relationship with the subject matter…everything else follows.”  His recurring themes of education, family, spirituality and his love of music, as well as the exploration of his Latin heritage, attest to his belief in the educational and healing powers of art.

Orlando Agudelo-Botero was the recipient of the White House Hispanic Heritage Award for the Visual Arts and is a former Trustee of the National Foundation for Advancement in the Arts.  His paintings are both in private and public collections as prestigious and diverse as The Carter Presidential Library, NBC Corporate Headquarters at the Rockefeller Center, St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital, The Fine Arts Museum of Long Island, and The Betty Ford Center among many others.

As a dynamic, provoking and truly singular voice in the contemporary art scene, Orlando Agudelo-Botero continues his presence as a unique artistic mind while capturing the feel of the moment’s Inner Impressionism.

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