Pedro Ruiz

Pedro Ruiz was born in Bogota, Colombia in 1957. He studied in Paris in the Ecole des Beaux Arts and Atelier 17. He has presented his works in prestigious museums and galleries in Colombia, United States, Mexico, Spain and Japan.

In 1984 he became the art director of McCann Ericsson where he won the Colombian prize India Catalina for best production.

Pedro’s works are inspired by Colombia’s magnificent nature and cultural diversity and its evolving social and political issues.

There are three fundamental series developed by Ruiz “Love is in the Air,” “Displacements” and “Oro”.

“Love is in the Air” is an installation of hundreds of unique and beautiful red poppies created one by one by the master himself. In contrast to the poppies there are paintings of real size soldiers with weapons in their hands, whose purpose is to protect the effort of fumigating the beautiful but heroine producing poppies.

“Displacements” alludes to the tragedy born from warfare in Colombia where people are forced to leave their homes due to social-economic conflicts. This series shows harmonious and peaceful images of a man transporting elements with a symbolic representation of his cherished homeland in the fragile balance of a canoe.

“Oro” is Pedro’s most recent series with canoes carrying significant elements and cultural scenarios such as a native woman dancing, street vendor carts and indigenous flora and fauna, which show his audience the richness and uniqueness of his subject.

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